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Vet Recommended Dog Toothpaste
As humans, we brush our teeth thoroughly every day, but many don’t do the same for their dogs. Periodontal disease is th...
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Best Dental Stick for Dogs
We all need to take care of our teeth, dogs included. And while a dental chew is no substitute for routine brushing sess...
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How to make T-shirt dog toy
Dog toys are great. You think so. Your dog certainly thinks so. But just because they spend 90% of their day thinking ab...
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How To Make Dog Toys Out of Socks
While doing the laundry I found a whole bunch of old socks. A few had holes and others were just missing their mates. Ol...
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How to clean dog toys
Dogs love their toys. Whether it is playing catch or chewing a fake animal, toys are a surefire way to get a dog excited...
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